Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another Award For The Attack Quaker

Signe Wilkinson, a buddy and former colleague at the Philadelphia Daily News, whose editorial cartoons are familiar to Kiko's House regulars, has won a Poor Man's Pulitzer. That is the nickname for the RFK Awards given by the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Organization to honor outstanding reporting (and cartooning) on the lives and strife of disadvantaged people.
Signe ("self portrait" at right), who describes herself as an Attack Quaker because of her spiritual beliefs and in-your-face work, was the first woman to win a real Pulitzer for editorial cartooning and the second Daily News staffer for whom I worked to win an RFK.
The first was in 1994 when photographer Susan Winters won for "Portrait of a Struggle," photographs taken on her fourth trip to South Africa in the run-up to that country's historic first multi-racial election won by Nelson Mandela.
I was Susan's editor and I am perhaps proudest of that one of all the accolades that she and others who worked for me won.

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