Friday, July 28, 2006

Turning Off the Bitch Bigot's Spigot

The number of newspapers that have dropped right-wing fascist Ann Coulter's columns continue to grow.

An editorial in the current issue of "Yes! Weekly" explains why Annie has been bumped by Bill -- as in conservative icon William F. Buckley:
Ann Coulter is gone from these pages . . . gone like the leaves in December, like the fringes of the polar ice caps, like the last vestiges of Tom Cruise's rational mind.

We began running her column last August in an effort to widen the playing field, so to speak, in the discussion on our Voices page. She certainly did that, but in the last few months Ann Coulter has been a very naughty girl indeed.
Naughty how?

"Yes! Weekly" doesn't say so, but Coulter's harsh whinging (
“I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much" as 9/11 widows") and allegations that she plagarized material or has been too lazy to think for herself, have taken a bit of the luster off of the bigoted firebrand.

Just this week she accused Al Gore of being "a faggot" and Bill Clinton of being "a latent homosexual" on "Entertainment Tonight." Said she of Clinton:
I think anyone with that level of promiscuity where, you know, you — I mean, he didn’t know Monica’s name until their sixth sexual encounter. There is something that is — that is of the bathhouse about that.

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