Friday, July 14, 2006

Buckle Up, Goddammit!

I will be joining two of these lovely ladies this weekend to attend a memorial service for the third.

That's the Dear Friend & Conscience on the right in the photograph and a good friend of ours in the middle at a recital in which the DF&C and Jean, the woman on the left, danced.

Alas, Jean has done her last plie.
A stubborn sort, Jean always refused to wear a seat belt. She was on her way to tango lessons (yes, she loved to dance) when her Subaru Outback went off a road and went up an embankment. Because she did not buckle up, she was thrown from the car, which rolled over and crushed her.
I'm a stubborn sort, too.

So I'll leave the tributes for this lady to others at the memorial service. My message will be short and to the point:
Buckle up, goddammit!

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