Friday, July 28, 2006

Dubyaland I: Crazy Like Condoleezza

You know that the wheels have come off the Bush administration wagon when my tres conservative friend starts referring to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as "crazy."

He has plenty of company, including Washington Post op-ed columnist Eugene Robinson, who opines that
Lebanon has now become Condi's war.

You can argue whether legal title to the tragic mess in Iraq properly belongs to Rummy or Cheney or to the Decider himself, but as far as Lebanon is concerned, it's Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who has stepped front and center to handle the crisis and show the world who's boss.

It was Rice who waited more than a week, giving Israel time to pound the daylights out of Lebanon, before finding time to visit Beirut and Tel Aviv and attend a crisis summit in Rome. It was Rice who spent her trip categorically ruling out a quick cease-fire, which made one wonder if she really needed to travel at all, since she could have just thumbed out a text message: "2 soon 2 stop boom boom."

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