Monday, July 24, 2006

Kiko's House: The First 10,000 Visitors

Sometime overnight Saturday night amidst the record rains that we've been having hereabouts, there was a knock on the door of Kiko's House and our 10,000th visitor shook out their umbrella, wiped their feet on the doormat and came in.

I can't pin down the exact location of this visitor, but it probably was somewhere in the Middle East, possibly Iraq or Iran, where we've been generating a fair bit of traffic of late. In fact, we've gotten visitors from some 76 countries over the last seven months and one in three visitors overall are from outside the U.S. (As noted previously, the People's Republic of China is conspicuous in its censorious absence.)
I began Kiko's House to scratch my current and cultural affairs itch and not to set the world on fire. While 10,000 visitors are a far cry from the traffic that the big blogs generate, some of which get that many hits in 15 minutes or a half hour, the response has nevertheless been gratifying.
So onward through the fog. And the next 10,000 visitors.

-- Love and Peace, Shaun


Fatima said...


Shaun Mullen said...

Hi Fatima. Thank you for the kind word. It is people like yourself that keep me going on the days that I don't feel like plopping down in front of the computer.

Be safe.