Monday, June 26, 2006


Welcome to Mess-Less Monday at Kiko's House.

I've had it up to here (Shaun takes right hand and makes a back-and-forth motion across his forehead) with the various messes amidst us, primarily the Mess in Mesopotamia and the Mess in Washington. Then there are the record rains that we're having hereabouts, which require humping full dehumidifier buckets to the laundry room sink morning, noon and night. (Hey, I'm not complaining. As my mother liked to say, it's money in the bank.)

So we're going to take a walk on the mess-less side for a day.

Our offerings include multiple posts on our great escape -- music. And stuff on the incredible World Cup, a dynamite list of recommended documentary movies and thoughtful posts from two of our regular guest bloggers, Sally W. Donatello and Country Bumpkin. But nothing about a certain war or president.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

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