Friday, May 19, 2006

The Worst Movies of All Time

Queen Amidala in "The Phantom Mess" (1999)
Visitors to Kiko's House had a blast sharing their Worst Songs of All Time a while back, so in an effort to again leaven our loaf with something having nothing to do with King George or Armageddon America, let's hear your picks for the Worst Movies of All Time.

Be forewarned that we're setting the bar pretty high for this one. Here, in alphabetical order, is our own Top 10 list:
“The Beverly Hillbillies” (1993)

“Caligula” (1980)

“Car 54, Where Are You?” (1994)

“Gigli” (2003)

“Heaven's Gate” (1981)

“Ishtar” (1987)

The "Police Academy" series (1984-1994)

“The Shaggy Dog” (2006)

"Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" (1999)

"Waterworld" (1995)
You can submit as many or as few selections as you'd like. Email them to and we'll post the results sometime next week.

The popcorn is on us.


Anonymous said...

i always kind of liked ishtar-people understandably had high expectations of it because of the people involved and it never,ever, recovered from the disappointment.
but as a shaggy-dog tale, i think it has an amiable charm. (sort of
like a dumb,big,wet dog with a wagging tail.)

i also sorta liked police academy when i saw it on tv. but then, i also liked porky's.

as far as worst movies, totally inept silly movies don't really bother me. there are so many of them.

what makes me crazy is when there's
a great novel, play, story that could be a great movie if the director had some balls but instead is turned into mush because there are no villains,really.
in that spirit:
"jefferson in paris"
"big trouble"
"thank you for smoking"
"cat on a hot tin roof"

also, for an absolute destruction
of a great elmore leonard novel- burt reynolds killed "stick". un- speakable.

Anonymous said...

i haven't yet seen "the davinci code", but it sounds like it might fit on the list, too.