Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Iraq III: For Journos, The Deadliest War

The Iraq war has become the deadliest conflict in modern times for journalists, including two CBS News staffers who were killed this week in a roadside bombing.

According to the Freedom Forum, 71 journos have been killed in Iraq. Some 63 were killed in Vietnam, 17 killed in Korea, and 69 in World War II.
Allow me to go out on a limb -- or walk the plank -- regarding those 71 men and women.

The conservative news media natters ad nauseum about the supposed biases of the mainstream media, which they see as fawningly liberal, hopelessly antiwar and resolutely determined to not tell the whole story about the war. In other words, only the bad stuff.

An examination of the list of names of those 71 men and women reveals that:

Not one of the 71 represented a news organization that is identifiably conservative.
End of sermon.

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