Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mind Bloggling

Matt Bai puts the liberal political blog in perspective in a New York Times Magazine commentary.

Bai's money quote:
. . . for all the philosophizing about the meaning of online campaigns and the passing of the 20th-century political model, this next iteration of American politics won't really look so dissimilar from the ones that came before. . . . This is as it should be. Technologies change and movements flourish, but the essential process of American politics endures. And those who lead the most consequential revolts against the status quo never really vanquish the party's insider establishment. They simply take its place.
And mine:
With rare exceptions, most partisan political blogs become predictable -- which is to say boring -- very quickly. That's why I stopped reading Daily Kos a couple of years ago. That's why I try to keep things fresh here at Kiko's House. That means that no one gets a free pass. And that while I am left leaning, I'll be spilling more ink on the feckless Democratic Party than Republicans as we head toward the November elections.

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