Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Update on Big Brother II: Dum Gum It

With multi-billion dollar lawsuits being filed against Verizon, AT&T and BellSouth for taking money from the NSA to help it spy on Americans, I asked Kiko's House readers what they'd buy with the money they got from the settlements.

(Update: BellSouth today denied that it had given records to the NSA.)

I declared that I'd buy an American flag. Being an altruistic, several of you said that you'd donate the money to a favorite charity or political cause.

Among other ideas were:
A walkie talkie set so the government couldn't listen in on calls.

A pony. I suggested to this visitor that she also get a cart so she could haul around the carcus of this piss-poor administration.

A one-way ticket to Canada.

A one-way ticket to Australia.

A swimming pool. I suggested to this visitor that by the time the lawyers get paid, he'd be lucky to be able to buy a kiddie pool.

A gun. Ouch!

Neil Young's "Living With War" album. (Neato. See the following post.)

Rose-colored glasses.

And finally, one visitor said she'd buy gum.
I didn't know what she meant until I was directed to the website for the folks who merchandise a variety of irreverent goodies, including Dum Gum.

I'll chew to that!

* * * * *

(Update: BellSouth denied today that it had given records to the NSA.)

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