Wednesday, April 04, 2007

John McCain Is Toast & For Good Reason

Mark April 2007 on your calendars as the month that John McCain’s bid for the White House crashed and burned.

McCain worked hard through the winter betraying his purposely vague "values," which included a whistlestop tour in which he kissed every right-wing Republican ass of consequence below the Mason Dixon Line while hewing to a hard-line view of the Iraq war that vast swaths of the electorate have long stopped believing because it is sheer fantasy.
Now, coming hard on the heels of reports that McCain considered defecting from the Republican Party, is having trouble raising money and made a fool of himself befitting Michael Dukakis in the most heavily armed photo op in president campaign history, is the news that John Kerry says that he sounded him out about joining him on the 2004 presidential ticket and not the other way around as has been rumored.
More about that here.

Meanwhile, Politico reports that:
"Amid growing internal concern about poor fundraising and the direction of his presidential campaign, Sen. John McCain's top advisers bluntly told backers on Tuesday of plans to overhaul the campaign and delay its formal announcement until after a major speech on Iraq."
I say that's too little too late.
I once hoped that I might have a chance to vote for McCain some day. I used to like him that much. But that opportunity will never come and I now certainly don't regret it.

He's made an utter fool of himself -- whomever himself is.

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