Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fascist America In 10 Easy Steps

The world fascism carries with it some pretty heavy baggage. It is a word that I use advisedly -- and very seldom -- in contemporary contexts because Hitler, Mussolini and their ilk were then and now is now, and mixing and matching can be perilous.

Having noted that, Naomi Wolfe dares to use the F-word in a commentary on the Bush administration in The Guardian. She writes that history shows there are certain steps that any would-be dictator takes to destroy constitutional freedoms and become a bona fide fascist.

Wolfe argues that George Bush seems to be taking all of those steps. From that perspective it is difficult to disagree and not shake one's head over the man who presumes to lead us.

These are the steps:
(1.) Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.

(2.) Create a gulag.

(3.) Develop a thug caste.

(4.) Set up an internal surveillance system.

(5.) Harass citizens' groups.

(6.) Engage in arbitrary detention and release.

(7.) Target key individuals.

(8.) Control the press.

(9.) Dissent equals treason.

(10.) Suspend the rule of law.
It is especially important for Bush sycophants to click here and read the whole article before becoming apoplectic.

And there's a lively discussion about Wolfe's article going on over at The Moderate Voice, where it co-blog. Head down to the comments section, check it out and join in.

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