Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Forest, The Trees & The Blue Dress

In a left-of-center version of not seeing the forest for the trees, some Hillary Clinton supporters are outraged, just outraged that ABC News had the temerity to note the First Lady appears to have been in the White House on the day that her sex-addicted husband left his calling card on the blue dress of a young and naïve intern.
While the item won't win any Good Housekeeping awards, it is an appropriate historic footnote that neither the Clintons nor their supporters can wish away.
Furthermore, their frothing is a silly distraction from the main event.

Just as many right-of-center bloggers focused on Barack Obama's refusal to disavow the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and not his larger message the other day, these outraged Hillary supporters are choosing to not focus on Mrs. Clinton's latest stumble: Her claims that her years as First Lady are "a key element" of her 35 years of experience are not borne out by the thousands of pages of records released yesterday by the National Archive in response to a lawsuit.
In fact, the records show just what you would expect: The First Lady was only tangentially involved in domestic policy making, not involved at all in foreign policy making and wasn't even in Washington when many of the key events of the Clinton era transpired.

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