Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Kitty Blogging

With passions so enflamed over the Democatic presidential race -- at least here in Pennsylvania -- it seems appropriate to dust off this Sunday Kitty Blogging oldie but goodie.

The humans have a tradition at Kiko's House of giving the kitties catnip toys each Christmas holiday season.

This began in 1997 when Panda and Kimba were gifted a Bill Clinton. He took quite a beating during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and impeachment trial. As you can see, he is the worse for wear many years on, but remains a favorite.

In 2000, the kitties found the just elected George Bush under the Christmas tree. Panda had passed on, but Dubya was an immediate favorite of Kiko's and although he would disappear behind a dresser or under a bed for weeks at a time, she eventually sought him out when he did something especially naughty and gave him a well deserved drubbing.

Having survived the Millennium computer scare, Bill Gates arrived in 2002, although it's the humans who feel like kicking him around when one of his miserable Microsoft products hangs up.

Hillary Clinton came on the scene in 2004. Kiko made arrangements with the dolls, or "groupings" as the Dear Friend & Conscience them. More often than not, Hillary would be on top of Bill, or at least cover his privates with her hand.

Go figure.

* * * * *
Meanwhile, Kevin Drum takes catblogging out to its logical absurdity -- and all in good fun.

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