Monday, June 16, 2008

A Special Weekend For A Special Athlete

That's Tiger Woods celebrating after sinking an impossible 66-foot eagle putt during the 108th U.S. Open at Torrey Pines.

He's 32 now and not a kid anymore. The boyish face is still there, unlined but revealing a heaviness that comes with age and experience. His still lithe frame now features a suit of armor – rock hard, sinewy muscle that is fully in evidence only when he swings the club. Not muscle bound but hugely muscled up -both strength and flexibility giving him an advantage over almost all of his competitors.

The frightening intensity has, if anything, become even more a dominant factor in his game. His ability to tune out all the myriad distractions – the huge, raucous galleries, the hordes of photographers, the unbelievable pressure to perform up to expectations bespeak a discipline and mental toughness unheard of in golf or any other sport.

Click here to read the rest of Rick's beautiful tribute at Rightwing Nuthouse to one of the great sportsmen of our time. (And nothing against Rocco Mediate, who had a pretty extraordinary weekend himself.)

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