Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hell Hath No Fury Like An Alysia Scorned

It has been been five months since we brought you the saga of Alycia Lane, a curvaceous television news anchor who was making the news instead of reading it after she allegedly punched a cop in the chops, which is against the law, and made an all around fool of herself, which isn't.

Lane's bosses
at Philadelphia's CBS3 and CW Philly took her off the air and then axed her. She has now replied to those career-stopping indignities with a 40-page legal complaint alleging that the station spread malicious rumors about her and destroyed her reputation.

The complaint, which reveals my life to be spectacularly boring by comparison, asserts that:
* Pictures of Lane in a bikini that she emailed to well-known sportscaster Rich Eisen, intercepted by Eisen's wife and then reported about in the New York Post in May 2007, were not ones she "actually wished to disseminate to anyone, because they were taken without makeup, her hair was a mess, and she did not view the pictures as flattering."

* Lane's 2004 TV appearance on "Dr. Phil" discussing her failed first marriage was a humiliating experience that she claimed was forced upon her by her bosses in a bid to boost ratings. She says she was so "mortified" that she begged them not to air the segment, a request that was denied.

* Larry Mendte, her former co-anchor now suspended by the station and under investigation for hacking into Lane's private e-mails, was someone who was jealous of her growing popularity, resentful when she received a higher salary, and who joked about her private life in a radio station interview.

You can judge for yourself about the bikini pictures, or at least the one above. But if I was a betting man I'd say there is a pretty good payday in Lane's future. After all, Philadelphia court juries usual side with poor working stiffs when their bosses have given them the shaft.

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