Sunday, June 15, 2008

Grab A Soda, Some Popcorn & A Hankie & Welcome To Super Duper Cinema Sunday

Who doesn't love a good movie? Whether they're great art or great trash, there is no medium that can enrapture, entertain and offer escape from the real world, especially in these troubling times. In that spirit, we present Kiko's House Super Duper Cinema Sunday:

PAULINE KAEL: AN APPRECIATION is the 18th in a series of essays on people who have moved and inspired me over the years. Herein I note that we may have legendary movie critic Kael, in all of her combustible greatness, more than anyone else to thank for making America cinema as good as it is.

PAULINE KAEL: AN UN-APPRECIATION is an hilarious excerpt from Robert Stein's unpublished memoirs about his relationship with Kael. Stein, while editor of McCall's magazine, hired and fired Kael in the course of a few turbulent months before she went on to fame and infamy as The New Yorker's longtime movie critic.

FROM 'THE AFRICAN QUEEN' TO 'ZABRISKIE POINT': MY 70 ALL-TIME FAVORITE MOVIES is just that and includes my Top 20 and abridged Kael capsule reviews of all 70 flicks, as well as an invitation for you to offer your own faves.


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