Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Naughty Kitty Blogging

Kimba has had a most not excellent adventure since I last kitty blogged and it involves the window in which he is grooming in this photograph.

The Dear Friend & Conscience left Kimba and Chin-Chin home alone for three days while she went on the road. To her shock and horror, while she was gone Kimba pushed through the window screen and leaped about 20 feet to the driveway and amscrayed.

While Kimba is a hunk and a half in the looks department, he is a few whiskers short of a full meow probably owing to his malnourished in utero and feral existence as a kitty, and in all likelihood became disoriented immediately after his great escape. Our fear was that he had ambled into the dense woods behind the house and up a formidable ridgeline and had become hopelessly lost.

Two days of hiking and cat calling were fruitless, but a neighbor who had been given a flier alerting her to Kimba's disappearance called and reported that he was hunkered down behind a shed in her yard and had been seen gamboling with a girl kittie who hangs in the hood.

Kimba lost some weight, is shedding like crazy because of the stress of the experience and has an attractive oil spot on the top of his head between his ears, but is now home and otherwise not too much the worse for wear.

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