Saturday, January 24, 2009

Index of Previous Torture-Related Posts

Heroes of 2008: Prosecutors & Lawyers Who Protested The Bush Torture Regime (12/3/08) LINK.

Should Obama Take The Easy Way Out On Bush Era Crimes?
(11/19/08) LINK.

Why Were Psychologists Behind The Curve On Torture?
(11/16/08) LINK.

Seems So Yesterday (11/7/08) LINK.

Opening A New Front In The War On Law
(10/6/08) LINK.

Why John McCain Really Wasn't Tortured
(9/8/08) LINK.

Trials: Castles Built Of Sand (8/18/08) LINK.

Should Torture Regime Architects Be Tried As War Criminals?
(8/11/08) LINK.

Nuremberg Gravity, Guantánamo Folly
(8/8/08) LINK.

David Addington: A Patriot Or Traitor? (7/25/08) LINK.

Mukasey Changes His Tune But the Song Remains the Same
(7/22/08) LINK.

'The Dark Side,' Or How The War on Terror Became a War on American Ideals
(7/15/08) LINK.

'What I Tell You Is Three Times True' (7/2/08) LINK.

The Willful Ignorance of Professor John Yoo
(6/19/08) LINK.

Taking a Cue From the Bataan Death March
(6/6/08) LINK.

Mukasey's Dangerously Disingenuous Defense
(5/28/08) LINK.

U.S. Tortured Gitmo Detainees For Beijing
(5/22/08) LINK.

Another Setback For the Torture Regime
(5/14/08) LINK.

Welcome To Italy, Mr. Rumsfeld. You Are Hereby Under Arrest For War Crimes
(4/25/08) LINK.

Following The Torture Trail: Were War Crimes Committed?
(4/18/08) LINK.

Why We Should Go Slow on Prosecuting Bush & His Torture Helpmates
(4/17/08) LINK.

'No Torture, No Exceptions' (3/15/08) LINK.

Yet Another Dark Day For America (3/8/08) LINK.

The Shame of Mukasey, Schumer, Feinstein, Scalia & McCain (2/15/08) LINK.

Why a Constitutional Showdown Is Necessary In the Torture Tapes Scandal (1/11/08) LINK.

Torture: The Day of Reckoning At Hand? (10/30/07) LINK.

So What's With All the Nazi Analogies? (10/16/07) LINK.

Would Jesus Have Tortured? (10/7/07) LINK.

Sic Semper Tyrannis: The Blackest of the Bush Administration's Black Marks (10/6/07) LINK.

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jj mollo said...

We elect people to make decisions for us. Then we spend the next eight years raging about how evil they are. Fine and good. I am opposed to torture too. I am not so self-assured, however, that I think I know the full story. The leftist/pacifist echo chamber is an exemplar of mob psychology. How many would laugh if Bush's body were being dragged through the streets? .. Toward the goal of protecting whom?