Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday, Travel Day, Amnesty Day

Kiko's House is on the road and this will be it for posts until tomorrow barring a biggie, and that we can all do without. Meanwhile, in the spirit of Blogroll Amnesty Day, we're linking to five other blogs that deserve wider attention:
If you don't appreciate the Philadelphia of yore (we're talking post-World War II on the cusp between Steel Belt City and Rust Belt City), then by all means don't read DAN LEO. But if you want a breather from stimulus packages and merely want to stimulate your noggin, then add this blog to your daily bread.

My only complaint with A WHOLE NEW G is that Ms. WNG doesn't post as much as I'd like. But when she does she comes through loud, clear and from the heart, not all screechy, self righteous and stuff like I often do. And thanks to her I know what Snickerdoodles are.

If you detect a pattern here -- blogs that are more brain candy than topical and political -- you get a bag of Snickerdoodles. Which leads me to WOODS LOT, a smorgasbord of deep words, old photos and artsy stuff courtesy of Canadian blogger Michael Woods, who may or may not be the guy on the right.

SECRET NOTEBOOKS is not unlike Woods Lot, except that it is very much in the present and very much in the spirit of blogger M. Heart, a graphic designer who shares my love of wild birds and Joni Mitchell, among other pleasures.

My blogroll for photography sites grows ever larger because there are such an extraordinary number of great photographers out there in this digital age and anything I can do to help spread the word is all good. In that spirit, ONEXPOSURE is a town square of talent "in pursuit of the sublime," as the founding bloggers put it.
See you tomorrow.

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Yer too good to me!