Thursday, January 29, 2009

When The Vatican's Business Is Mine

You probably went to high school with a John Zmirak and remember him as the guy who set up the chairs and ran the projectors at assemblies. Zmirak is a co-blogger at Taki's Magazine and is of a kind -- someone who is deeply in love with his own conservative views, which in this case extent to traditional Roman Catholicism -- and brooks no dissent when it comes to those views.

While no fan of excommunicated Bishop Richard Williamson, an anti-Semite and Holocaust denier whom Pope Benedict VI has welcomed back into the Holy Fold, Zmirak is willing to hold his nose for the greater good and suggests that non-Catholics like myself who are enraged by this bone-headed decision should buzz off:
"Other religious organizations have as little stake in this Church decision as the Church does in the internal machinations of the Shi’ite Islamic or Orthodox Jewish hierarchies. It’s nobody's business but ours. There are cranks in every creed, and unless they advocate terrorism, outsiders have no business poking around inside other people’s houses of worship, trying to rearrange the candlesticks."
Master Zmirak is not allowing comments on his post, so I'll have to lob mine from long distance: It is very much my business what the Holy See does in this case because of all of my relatives who denied in the Nazi gas chambers that Bishop Williamson says didn't exit.

And I happen to know a couple of victims of the priestly pedophilia pandemic that the church has worked hard to try to cover up. So hard that the smugly self righteous Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles, is under federal investigation for trying to keep the serial buggery involving his priests secret.

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