Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The NIMBY Bandwagon Gathers Speed

The Republicans proved to be far more adept at fear mongering than governing over the last eight years, so it's not surprising that they see the closing of Guantánamo Bay as a third-rail issue for Americans fearful that some jihadist in an orange jumpsuit will escape from their local poky when Deputy Fife nods off on the overnight shift.

John McCain is the latest Republican to jump on the NIMBY bandwagon, which is par for the course for the addled Arizonan since a couple of years ago he proposed doing exactly what needs to happen to the 250 so remaining Guantánamo detainees:

Send 'em to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas or some other prison for hard asses like the federal Supermax lockup in Florence, Colorado (photo, right), where lowlifes like Richard "The Shoe Bomber" Reid, Zacarias "The 20th 9/11 Hijacker" Moussaoui, Ramzi "WTC Bomber" Yousef and Ted "The Unibomber" Kaczynski hang out.

Then there is the fact that two million people are incarcerated in American prisons, and while the occasional bad ass does take a hike from a work detail from time to time, the hardest of the Gitmo hardcore, estimated to number between 50 and 60, will not be on Deputy Fife's watch.

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