Monday, October 20, 2008

Two Weeks & Counting: Some 13 Random Thoughts On The Presidential Election

(1.) The Republicans continue to confuse talk radio with reality.

(2.) Barack Obama has raised an astounding $604 million to date. The bellyaching of John McCain over this record amount is sheer jealousy, while his allegation that raising huge amounts of dough is a recipe for scandal is laughable since the average Obama donation is under $100.

(3.) Did the smarties running McCain's campaign ever contemplate that Obama's fundraising dominance would be so complete that he would be able to buy up every available minute of air time in the home stretch in markets where the race is competitive?

(4.) The incessant hammering of Obama over a passing relationship with Bill Ayers by McCain, Sarah Palin and their surrogates betrays not just desperation, but the absence of a coherent message.

(5.) The same goes for the GOP's extensive use of fear-mongering robocalls.

(6.) It's scandalous: Two of the four candidates (McCain and Joe Biden) have had serious health problems, but Biden has released no personal medical information and McCain only redacted information. Obama has released virtually no information and Palin none.

(7.) Playing loose and fast with the truth comes with the territory in politics, but Sarah Palin is a pathological liar, the most damning of her long list of negatives. And lies when she doesn't even have to.

(8.) Psst! Don't tell anyone, but there are two wars going on.

(9.) The noise from the chattering class has been deafening, but does anyone really believe that minds will be made up and votes will be changed because of George Will, Frank Rich or Shaun Mullen?

(10.) Likewise, Colin Powell will change few minds with his endorsement of Obama. But he does show is that McCain not only is incapable of healing the divisions that separate Americans from Americans, but the divisions that separate Republicans from Republicans, as well.

(11.) Nevertheless, rumors concerning the death of conservatism are premature. Conservative principles are as viable now as they were on the eve of the Age of Bush. It is just that these tenets, as well as the hoary concept of governance, have been sacrificed at every opportunity at the altar of political expediency.

(12.) Neither candidate has seemed presidential during the ongoing economic crisis.

(13.) Yes, the race is tightening in the final days. It always does. But no Hail Mary pass, no matter how bold, nor any amount of "he's a black terrorist" demagoguery will save McCain-Palin. Expect a comfortable Obama-Biden popular vote win and an overwhelming Electoral College victory.

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