Monday, October 27, 2008

McCain-Palin Trainwreck Excuse du Jour

14th in a series on the best
excuses for the GOP disaster
George Bush lap dog David Frum says that John McCain recycled the wrong message:
"[B]y founding his campaign on a full supply-side message, McCain denied himself the opportunity to say anything new. Worse, because that message originally took shape as a (correct) response to the problems of the 1970’s, McCain’s attempt to dust it off and reuse it as a response to the very different problems of the 2010’s only made him look more out of date.

"That’s not a failure of campaign tactics. It's not even a failure of strategy. It's a failure of the Republican Party and conservative movement to adapt to the times.

"Very soon, this election will be over. Then Republicans and conservatives will confront a much harder question: How long will this adaptation take? It took Democrats 12 years to understand and accept their defeat in 1980. Surely we can be faster learners?"
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