Thursday, October 30, 2008

McCain-Palin Trainwreck Excuse du Jour

17th in a series on the best
excuses for the GOP disaster
How's this for a brain fart? The trainwreck is because the campaign couldn't overcome the candidates themselves:
"[T]he McCain camp could probably have done some things differently, but it probably wouldn't be enough to save them. What is striking about 2008 is how little the campaigns have mattered in comparison to the fundamental nature of the two men running.

Nothing the McCain campaign did could change the reality of McCain the candidate's poor management instincts and his tendency to fidget around and not stay on message. When the economic crisis hit, this reality flew in the face of the McCain campaign's message of steadiness versus inexperience. Whether by design or the candidate's nature, Obama's caution and deliberation was a living, breathing talking point against the experience card."

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