Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Kerry Is an Idiot

He's at it again. John Kerry has unleashed an ill-timed firestorm of criticism by telling college students that they'll "get stuck in Iraq" if they don't work hard in school.

As a veteran, I am insulted by the remark, but the feigned outrage from our chicken hawk president and other Republicans also is insulting.
Kerry later issued the inevitable clarification, explaining that the remark was a "botched joke" meant to target the president, not U.S. troops. Ha, ha, ha. And then relievedly excused himself from further campaigning.

Let's get this straight:
In 2004, Kerry ran the worst presidential campaign since Michael Dukakis in 1988 and handed the election to Bush, who by most rights should have lost. Kerry was utterly unable to craft a message, let alone stay on it.

There is nothing to suggest that anything will be different in 2008 if the Democrats decide to commit hari kerri and nominate him.

Kerry has been a big help to cash-starved Democratic candidates because of his deep pockets. But immediately after the election, he needs to be hustled off to a remote desert island where he and Nancy Pelosi can natter at each other.
More here on his latest blunder.


Cassidy said...

I agree with Kerry. Who wants to get stuck in Iraq. I don't. Wasn't this the same argument that was used during Vietnam; go to school or go to war. Even though there is no draft now, I see the context. So please don't buy into the Republican sniping that Kerry hates the troops. That argument was old in 2003 and it's old now.

And good line about Pelosi. She is definitely bad, for some reason. We may never know the reason, or ever try to even find it, but she is bad. That's all you need to know.

Shaun Mullen said...

I also agree with Kerry, not the manner in which he said it.

Idiot is too kind a term. Kerry is an utter fucking idiot.

And as I noted in my post, I'm not buying into the "the dishonor the troops" screed being vomited by The Decider in Chief and other Repiglicans.

Cassidy said...

So if you agree with him, and don't think he was dishonoring the troops, why did his comments offend you as a veteran?

Shaun Mullen said...

Reread what I said in my post and my original comment. There is an underlying truth to what he said, but he said it in a manner that was insulting to veterans. It doesn't get much more simple than that.

Anonymous said...

Kerry got swift-boated. They are trying to swift-boat Murtha now. If we are going to disqualify Democrats based on the manipulation of the far-right, the joke is on us.

Kerry has worked hard for veterans his entire career. His greatest crime has been bringing forward evidence of abuse by our own military; and for that, many veterans will never forgive him. However, America owes him a debt of gratitude both for his service in Vietnam and his political service in the Senate.