Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Update on 'A Little (Technical) Help, Please'

I was moaning last week about a continuing problem at Kiko's House: Readers who knock on the door and then get it slammed in their faces in the form of slow downloads or computer crashes. I was concerned that the problem was at my end and asked several cyberwonks what they thought might be going on.
The consensus view is that the problem is not at my end, although the Blogger software that I use is buggy and sometimes coughs up hairballs. The culprit is a rusticated jalopy by the name of Internet Explorer.
Almost all of the readers who have told me about download and crash issues use IE. The cyberwonks were as one on the best browser -- Mozilla Firefox, which is what the cats and I use.

Every once in a while, I do a little experiment and download Kiko's House using IE and then Firefox. Today's results:
Internet Explorer: 15 seconds to download with a "Done: But Errors on This Page" message. Additionally the blog looks like crap in IE with the oversized type and goofy spacing.

Mozilla Firefox: 5 seconds to download completely and cleanly. The blog looks just as I intended it to.
Case closed.

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