Monday, December 22, 2008

Was Justice Done? Who The Hell Knows?

Guilty verdicts have been returned against the Ft. Dix Five. Under . . . um, normal circumstances that would be a great thing, but the Bush administration has left such an enormous turd floating in the justice punchbowl that it's hard to tell.

On their face, these wannabe terrorists were laughable, but only up to a point:

They were boozers who asked cops for maps of military installations, had trouble finding lethal weapons, practiced jihadist attacks by playing paintball in the Pocono Mountains, went to a Kinko's to have a videotape made of their training sessions made into a DVD, and were infiltrated by two government informants, one who knew their target, a wide-open New Jersey Army base in their own back yard, "like the back of his hand" because he once delivered pizzas there.

A sixth defendant had been convicted earlier of supplying some of the defendants with guns and ammunition.
Drawings by Susan Schary

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Anonymous said...

The idea that 5 or 6 regular guys could do more than get past the gate at Fort Dix is itself laughable. Heck, if these guys had played about 10 minutes of Battlefield 2 or Call of Duty Modern Warfare, they would have quickly been disabused of the notion.