Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In Which I Butter My Blogroll

I am the rare blogger who actually pays some attention to his blogroll. This has less to do with Type A tendencies than an ongoing wonderment at how many really good blogs are out there.

And then there are the tiresome blogs, which is why I made a deal out of showing Glenn Reynolds the door not too long ago and would do the same with his love bunny, Ann Althouse, except that she would yell at me.

Long story short, I have added a bunch of new blogs to my blogroll courtesy of Jon Swift's marvelous Best Blog Posts of 2008 roundup, as well as a few from a best blog thread at ye olde Booman Tribune.


Erik Hare said...

Thank you very much for the inclusion of my blog, "Barataria", on your blogroll. Sadly, Barataria is the the only reward for a true Sancho Panza, but I hope to have my own legion of 'em out there.

I am especially pleased that you picked me up through the wonderful community building of Jon Swift. I really admire him, too. Heckuva guy.

I need to keep reading yours, but I wanted to leave this comment first. Great stuff.

(Incidentally, my Mom was born with the name Althouse. We don't know the relation yet, but if there is we'll disown it.)

Shaun Mullen said...

As Sancho notes, the pen is the tongue of the mind.

Rudi said...

Interesting that you include the Dutch-Muslim Lad on your list. I wonder if they offer the same olive branch - LOL.

S.K. said...


The Dutch Boys stateside "Debate Coach" won't allow it. Why should the PGZ want thoughtful inspection and an open discussion of the issues when censorship and personal attacks have served them so well.