Friday, December 19, 2008

Chrysler: Still Determinedly Clueless

The enormous scale of General Motors' meltdown tends to obscure the fact that it is finally making some pretty damned good motor vehicles. But comparatively small Chrysler, which also has been rattling its tin cup at Washington, wins hands down when it you consider there is nothing in its product line that can be rationalized as pretty damned good.

This was not lost on voters in the annual survey of Ten Worst Autos conducted by The Truth About Cars, an online buff book with an attitude.

No fewer than five of the 10 worst are Chrysler marques with the Chrysler Sebring/Dodge Avenger taking the cake. GM hogs the other top five places, while perhaps not coincidentally, only one vehicle made by Ford, which is keeping its tin cup in its back pocket for the time being, is on the entire list.

Above and beyond the top 10 are the aforementioned Ford entry, six other GM dogs, another boswer from Chrysler, and one each from Kia, Scion, SmartCar, Suzuki and Tesla.

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