Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pontiac's Faded Glory

It was hard to say who I had a bigger crush on: A skinny blond high school classmate by the name of Cheryl or her boyfriend's blue Pontiac GTO convertible. My longing for Cheryl was unrequited, but I did get to ride in the backseat of the GTO a couple of times.

Fast forwarding 45 years, I can only hope that Cheryl has fared better than Pontiac, which has been running on empty for years and now will become a so-called niche brand as General Motors struggles to stay afloat.

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Anonymous said...

The goat was one of the best muscle cars ever made. I never owned one, but I worked on and drove a few. They were awesome. I had a 64 Olds F-85 with a 330 high compression V8, three on the tree and a Pontiac posi-trac rear end. Not much bigger than a Mustang. It didn't look like much, but it screamed. It ate 350 short blocks for breakfast.