Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jim Bunning Throws Another Screwball

It was a glorious Father's Day in 1964 when my father and I watched Jim Bunning pitch that rarest of baseball feats -- a perfect game -- for the Philadelphia Phillies against the New York
Mets at Shea Stadium. Never mind that we watched the game on our rabbit-earred Philco or that the Phillies would go on the collapse at season's end. It was a special Father-Son Moment that I always will cherish.
Which in its own way makes Bunning's second career as not merely a Republican senator from Kentucky but an obviously mentally disturbed one, all the more saddening. Even his fellow Republicans, usually so tone deaf and fearful of the possibility of a filibuster-proof Democratic majority, have noticed and they're actively working to deny this screwball another term.

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