Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What If Russia Had Invaded Denver?

The what-ifs are flying thick and fast in the wake of Penisgate, as in what if John Edwards had been smoked out concerning his affair with Rielle Hunter before the Iowa caucuses won by Barack Obama that jump started his improbable march to the nomination.

Former Clinton campaign honcho Howard Wolfson whines, as only someone of his self-important preciousness can whine, that Clinton would be the presumptive nominee if Edwards, who finished behind Obama and ahead of Clinton in Iowa, had been forced to drop out of the race.

Which begs a fricking host of questions: What if a certain Kennedy didn't drive off a certain bridge with a certain young lady in 1969 and later became president? Or if Michael Dukakis didn't strike that goofy pose in an Army tank in 1988? Or if Bill Clinton had never been president? Or if it turned out that Obama has a secret family in Idaho? Or if the Russians invaded Denver instead of Georgia? Or . . .

How astonishing that Wolfson still can't come to terms with what he and others wrought -- turning Clinton's front runner status and millions of bucks into dust. Let's hope that The Crew Still Without A Clue wises up before they invade Denver.

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