Monday, August 25, 2008

12 Hot Button Thoughts On Joe Biden

(12.) Anyone scratching the surface of Joe Biden's financial history will become acquainted with Delaware's growth industry -- usury in the form of credit card-bank friendly state laws written for some of his biggest contributors.

(11.) Too much will be made in the coming weeks of Biden's humble roots, but he can connect with blue collar Americans and help shore up Obama with Catholic and elderly voters.

(10.) His wife Jill's first marriage, like millions of Americans, ended in divorce. Should that be fair game? I certainly hope not.

(9.) Jill Biden's own story is affirming: She has taught school for 27 years and deals with real life every day.

(8.) Jill and Joe have only one kitchen table.

(7.) Biden has earned the admiration and respect of Republican foreign-policy powerhouses like Senators Lugar, Hagel and Warner. All have a common enemy: Dick Cheney.

(6.) The fall campaign will be a street brawl, and when Biden connects you'll know that you've been hit. He just needs to remember that he gets a smaller microphone than Barack Obama.

(5.) Biden has said some stupid and intemperate things over the years. There is no room for new stupid and intemperate things.

(4.) One of the more inane claims to emerge following the selection of Biden was that it demonstrated that Obama lacks confidence. How silly. These guys bristle with confidence.

(3.) Biden hedges Obama's change bet. As weary as most voters are of Bush-Cheney, that doesn't mean they embrace sweeping change, and his 36 years of experience is a huge asset.

(2.) Fuggedabout the initial wave of right wingnutterous applause over Biden being a weak choice. These clowns are quaking in their boots because they know that he is a force. And makes Obama look good.

(1.) As extraordinary as it may seem for a politician, what you see with Biden is what you get. The real deal. Nothing more and nothing less.


Anonymous said...

Jill Biden must have been quite young when she married the first time...her
husband was Bill (Steve) Stevenson,
known in the Pa. area as owner of the Stone Balloon...a popular watering hole. Do you know how long the marriage lasted? I am a friend of
Stevenson's uncle, who welcomed her
into the family, but later lost track. His loss!

Anonymous said...

Rock club owner Bill Stevenson, who helped launch Bruce Springsteen's career, and Jill Biden were married for 7 years. The pair even hosted fundraisers for Biden's first Senate run in 1972 at their famous Stone Balloon Club in Newark, DELaware.

But, five years later, they were locked in a bitter divorce battle--and Jill was dating the man who's now the Democratic vice presidential candidate.

"We had drifted apart during the preceding year," Stevenson writes in his memoir "Stone Balloon; The Early Years.

In an early divorce agreement, Stevenson agreed to make substantial alimony payments to Jill for life. But she hired new lawyers who demanded that she get half of the Stone Balloon--and Stevenson put his foot down.

"I was in a war with the only person on earth I trusted and cared about," he writes.

After a headline--making divorce trial that cost him $50,000 in legal fees, Stevenson kept his beloved bar.

All his payments to Jill ceased when she got married to Biden in June 1977.

camobel said...
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Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember Jill's "coke" bar in the Newark Mini Mall?