Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Spin Mistress Outspins Herself

Why is it that the stock of Sarah Palin, one of the fear mongering nut job Republican wannabes referenced in the post above, has fallen precipitously while that of Michele Bachmann and Donald Trump has risen? I think that Andrew Sullivan's explanation is the most credible among the many being proffered: While Palin's raw political talent should never be misunderestimated, to riff on a recent president's malapropism, Sarah Palin's Alaska was her undoing:
"[T]he reality show did real damage. It put Palin in a different context than politics, and revealed her phoniness in ways even she couldn't spin."
The former half-term governor administered the coup de grace herself when, with her TV show rankings in the tank, she injected herself into the Tuscon rampage with a video that yet again revealed her well-honed sense of victimhood in claiming that she was being blamed for the shootings and attacked the news media for its "blood libel" against her, an explosive term that she clearly failed to understand.

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