Saturday, June 20, 2009

You Know That Society Is Doomed . . .

When our leaders don't listen to the neocons who wanted to bomb Iran and we end up with a but of Twitter-happy demonstrators in Tehran.

When David Letterman calls flight attendants "slutty" and they don't object.

When right wingers blame Muslims for fomenting anti-Jewish hatred among . . . right wingers.

When wrecking crews keep knocking down the wrong houses.

When Jon "Is He Still Alive?" Voight becomes a spokesperson for the Republican Party.

When a woman is arrested for driving drunk without pants while talking on a cellphone.

When an otherwise intelligent politician apologizes for calling a Supreme Court nominee a racist and corrects himself. She's actually a "racialist."

When some meanie steals a Ronald McDonald statue.

When a woman is run over teaching an 11-year-old how to drive.

When financial institutions take advantage of poor people and minorities.

When a woman sues a cereal maker because the "crunchberries" in Capt'n Crunch aren't real fruit.

When the director of the CIA insists that he's not trying to block a lawsuit because it would reveal illegal conduct and embarrass the spy agency.

When a Burger King employee refuses to cut a burger for a one-armed customer.

When a terrorist is brought to Lower Manhattan to stand trial.

When a man strangles his girlfriend over the way she loads their dishwasher.

When a court rules that its not a constitutional right to honk your car horn.

When the brutal, totalitarian North Korean regime sells coffee mugs and t-shirts online.

When those Chinese commies want to buy that American icon -- the Hummer brand.

When a mother has sex in a car with her children in the backseat.

When Sarah Palin pisses off fellow Republicans.

When a police officer shoots and kills a five-pound Chihuahau-mix because he felt threatened.

When a girl makes a prom dress entirely out of coffee filters.

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You Know Society Is Doomed . . .

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