Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This Post Is Not About Michael Jackson

After 10 days on the road, returning to civilization, let alone the Old Nine to Five, is a bit of a shock, but at least I didn't miss much.

On second thought . . .

Congress and President Obama were busily setting the table for the defeat of health-care reform.

Obama was accused yet again of being too audacious. And of not being audacious enough.

The bar code had a birthday.

Yet another coup leader trained at the U.S. military's infamous School of the Americas took over yet another Latin American country.

Could the military gains of the Surge in Iraq be for naught?

The WaPo's best political blogger and one of the best bloggers anywhere went bye-bye.

Chief Justice John Roberts is now totally in the bag.

The Senate voted unanimously to apologize for slavery and the Jim Crow laws that followed.

The U.S. soccer team scored a huge upset and then reverted to form.

Bernie Madoff had to forfeit $170,799,000, depriving him of basically everything except his ass. And that was before he was sentenced to 150 years.

Census paranoia is back and better than ever.

The Philadelphia Phillies played some truly crapoid baseball but still are two and a half games ahead of the puh-thetic New York Mets.

Governor Mark Sanford still hasn't apologized to Appalachian Trail hikers.
Cartoons by Glenn McCoy, Clay Jones, Mike Lukovich
and Lalo Alcaraz

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