Monday, June 15, 2009

Susan Atkins & The Quality of Mercy

Beyond Charles Manson himself, Susan Atkins was the most public face of his murderous family during the 1970-71 Tate-LaBianca trial., one of the most famous of the 20th century She bragged about stabbing the pregnant Sharon Tate and laughed when details of the murder were presented in court.

Her death sentence was later changed to life imprisonment and now Atkins, who says she has found God and her sins have been forgiven, is asking to be released from prison because she is terminally ill with brain cancer. A hearing on whether she should be granted a "compassionate release has been scheduled.

Should she be released?

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Anonymous said...

Defininetly not,she caused so much pain to Sharons family and didn't show and remorse to them or her and her unborn baby.She is mentally ill and still doesnt take responsiblity for her actions.