Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Vileness Of Grandmother Palin

We've had a jolly good time here in recent days bringing you the White Trash Chronicles, the latest and the greatest from presidential wannabe Sarah Palin and her extended family of misanthropes, drug dealers and thieves. But this latest post isn't funny at all, because the Killa From Wasilla has crossed the line from wingnuttery to despicably vile.

I had the misfortune to be involved in a pretty wrenching divorce many years ago that involved young and impressionable children, and have been privy to a number of others, as well. As much as the spouses may war -- and the mother of my children and I did -- there is one inviolable rule: Whether a parent or grandparent, you never speak ill of a parent's ability to love and care for their offspring if there is any chance they may hear or read that.

There are at least a couple of reasons for this: Those youngsters can be awfully
impressionable, and it is up to the children of divorce to decide for themselves who their parents are and not have bilious views shoved down their throats.

But Grandmother Palin, as we know, is a rule breaker from way back. So it should come as no surprise that her latest salvo in the breakup of daughter Bristol and Levi Johnston is to very publicly state that Levi doesn't give a rip about the well-being of baby Trip.

Chances are that Trip is going to be one screwed-up kid anyhow considering that he will be growing up in the dark shadow of a Grandmommy Dearest. But I cannot imagine the damage it will do when he is old enough to read about -- if is not already hearing about -- the vile things being said
around the house concerning his father.

In any event, we know that Grandmother Palin actually loves her family very much because she constantly uses them, including special-needs son Trig, as political stage props.

And we are well aware of her by-now-familiar shtick asserting how important it is to take responsibility for one's actions and castigate those who by her right-wing calculus aren't sufficiently American, or whatever.

But for her to additionally claim that Bristol, who as a post-adolescent appears to have never met a penis that she didn't want to impale herself on, has been the responsible one in her fling with Levi is downright demented.

Meanwhile, the Woman of a Thousand Lies, beginning with the canard that she consulted with her family before accepting McCain's invitation to destroy his campaign, has added yet another one:

Having claimed that she skipped a major GOP fundraiser so she could be in Alaska for the closing days of the legislative session, she has decided to spend much of the closing days of the legislative session in Indiana shilling for pro-lifers.

At least she is covering herself in glory with her pick to be Alaska attorney general: A gay loathing misogynist who blames the rise in domestic violence on equal rights laws.

And yes. Lest there be any doubt, John McCain hates Grandmother Palin.

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MartiniCocoa said...

You have more sensitivity to Tripp than his grandmother does. That's a damn shame.