Thursday, April 30, 2009

Laws Of Nature 1, Sarah Palin 0

Considering that Sarah Palin has descended into a name-calling contest with an 18-year-old high-school dropout, how would she handle a Vladimir Putin?

That question was asked not by a left-of-center snark like myself, but a former supporter of the Alaska governor, whose star seems to be descending almost as quickly as it rose. In fact, the free ride that she had been getting back home while being circled by snarks in the Lower 48 is co-co-coming to an end as the state legislature revolts, "Impeach Palin" signs appear and she seems unable to even have a tinkle without someone shouting that she's wasting toilet paper.

We've now had going on seven months to see the Killa From Wasilla in action it has become obvious that she can't control herself. Not exactly an attribute for someone whom a diminishing number of people think has the chops to succeed Barack Whatshisname.

And so the latest White Trash Chronicles update:

* Palin bloviated ad nauseam about how she was going to turn down most if not all of the $930 million in federal stimulus money due Alaska, including money earmarked for education, much of it for schools in poor communities like Wasilla with dropouts like daughter Bristol and for special-needs children like son Trig. But surprise of surprises, now that she has finished pandering to that almighty right-wing base in the Lower 48, she intends to accept virtually all of the dough.

* Her relationship with her own state legislature has deterioriated to the point where Republicans are joining with Democrats to oppose her wingnuttery, most recently when they jointly approved former Juneau Mayor Dennis Egan to fill a legislative seat. Palin then submitted three names of her own, throwing the entire process into turmoil.

The war of words between the Palin clan and Levi Johnston, the father of Bristol's son who was unceremoniously kicked out of the Palin manse after the election, has gone from plain ugly to butt ugly. Palin's father now claims Levi is not supporting baby Trip while Levi is making noises about going to court so that he can see the little critter.

* The lipstick seems to have worn off the pitbull as "Impeach Palin" signs crop up. As one Alaska pundit put it:
"For months, the wheels on the Straight Talk Express have been rattling, and now they are coming off. That may sound like a good thing to all the people who have been thrown under it, but for the state of Alaska, it's just dangerous. Whether we voted for the bus driver or not, we’re passengers, and the cliffs are steep."


Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard? The only reason Palin's name is still even in the papers is because the Democrats just can't let it go. Or so says Ann Colter.

Shaun Mullen said...

I am shamed!

Anonymous said...

Message to the GOP: Keep this lightweight in front of your party.