Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is Dick Cheney Really Running Scared . . .

. . . because of the drumbeat of revelations about the Bush torture regime that he led?

I hardly think so. The real question is whether the former vice president is losing his marbles and that seems to be what is happening given his recent erratic behavior and long history of serving no one and nothing more than himself.

Dick Cheney always has been wound tight.

Power for Cheney always has been more personal than political.

Grudges for Cheney always have been something to be harbored indefinitely, whether the post-Watergate constraints placed on executive power or the outting of one of his justifications for the Iraq war as a lie by the husband of a CIA operative.

Failure for Cheney always has been something deeply felt, and no failure has been greater than not anticipating the 9/11 attacks because his Cold War mindset prevented him from having the foresight or imagination.

Destruction of evidence for Cheney always has been preferable to public accountings.

And like I said, Cheney always has put himself first and country and party second and third.

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