Friday, December 02, 2011

What Is It About Closeted Homosexual Republicans & Methamphetamine?

That question is being asked again with the arrest of Patrick Sullivan, a 68-year-old retired Colorado country sheriff, on charges that he tried to exchange the powerful stimulant for sex with a man.

The short answer is that the methamphetamine high, among other things, frees users from inhibitions and gives them the ability to screw for all day or even longer. Or so I've been told.

Sullivan was a lawman right out of the Wild West playbook: A straight-shooting sheriff who was tough on everyone who broke the law.

But court records and interviews show that he had, for months and perhaps years, been associating with alleged drug users and putting himself in positions not expected from a man who as sheriff crusaded against drugs and semiautomatic weapons. A search of his home yielded a large quantity of adult homosexual pornography.

Sullivan was released on bail after spending the night at the Arapahoe County jail, which bears his name.

His arrest calls to mind Ted Haggard, pastor of Colorado Springs' New Life Church, who lost his ministry after being accused in 2006 of trading meth for sex with a man.

How sad that both men had to hide in the closet for so many years and pay with cash or drugs to get the sex they crave.
Photo by R.J. Sangosti/Denver Post via Associated Press

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