Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When Gay Bashing Isn't Nearly Enough

If the Family Research Council's recent straw poll at its Value Voters Summit is any indication (and it is), then Rick Santorum has zero chance as a presidential aspirant although he is the only prospective candidate to compare homosexuality to bestiality.

For the record, The Huckster polled first with just over 28 percent, while Mittens finished second by a hair, narrowly beating out the Sarahcudda, Pawlenty of Nothing and Six Pence. All four received about 12 percent of the vote. The Rickster and Paul is Dead were last with 2.5 percent each. Even Undecided outpolled those two.

On a related note, Mittens is about the least right-leaning candidate in this crowd with a chance of being nominated, so he of course is busy trying to reinvent himself. Like being against bailouts that he supported and opposing a big government role in health care although as guvernator of Massachusetts he pushed through a reform plan on which Obama's plan is partially modeled.

And on another related note, the Sarahcudda's much touted foreign-policy speech to a bunch of Hong Kong fat cats will be closed to the news media. Natch.

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