Saturday, May 12, 2007

Torture II: John Yoo Pitches a Bitch

Then there is John Yoo, who as a Justice Department official used junk law (as opposed to junk science) to craft the legal underpinnings of the Bush administration’s use of torture, is either the most misunderstood man in America or an asshole of staggering proportions.

I would vote for the latter after reading a remark Yoo made during a recent debate on civil liberties:
"[Since 9/11] we have had outpourings of new political speech through new methods and means, for example, uh, people I wish never existed -- bloggers.

"This did not exist before 9/11. Are we really in such a civil liberties crisis if bloggers are able to use this new media to say I think quite incredible things?"
I can only imagine that Yoo is all bent out of shape because it would be impolitic to torture people like myself.

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cognitorex said...

John Yoo & The Sunshine Laws
John Yoo, "An asshole of staggering proportions." This is a nice remark.
When you get right down to it, the intellectual quotient of the arguments for separating freedom, dignity and honesty from Democracy that issue forth from this administration can only be concocted in a putrid slimy mental atmosphere where, most certainly, 'the sun doesn't shine.'