Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why Fred Thompson Is Just Another Hack

For those of you who watch every jot and tittle of a presidential campaign that has 18 looong months to go, the mere mention of the any-day-now entry of manly man Fred Thompson into the already crowded Republican field has been like a dose of extra-strength Viagra and a convenient excuse for overlooking the sordid state of American politics.

Hope spring eternal and all that bushwah.
I am not one of bloggers who endlessly obsess on the campaign and don't for a moment get fooled by the flapdoodlery of most of the presidential wannabes.

But I would be remiss if I failed to note that Thompson already is showing himself to be just another hack by courting Tim Griffin, the U.S. attorney for Arkansas, to be his campaign manager.
Tim Boy cut his bicuspids at the knee of Karl Rove and has his dirty mitts all over the U.S. attorney scandal. He is expected to resign his federal post on Friday but would be out of work in a few months anyhow because of the shennanigans that landed him in the job in the first place.

Details here.

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