Friday, October 07, 2011

Good Riddance To The Killa From Wasilla

Despite a penchant for bombast, Sarah Palin has revealed little about her inner feelings over her three years in the national limelight. But her rationale in announcing that she was not seeking the Republican presidential spoke volumes, albeit unintentionally.

"Not being a candidate, you are unshackled and able to be even more active," she explained. "
I look forward to using all the tools at my disposal to get the right people in there who have a servant’s heart."

Translation: "I never really wanted to be president, I just craved the attention. And the millions of dollars that I could make playing paddy cake with my supporters, my party and the media."

Palin's announcement does very little to change the dynamic of the race for the GOP nomination, which is a measure of how far her stock has fallen since she was John McCain's vice presidential running mate in 2008. While the former half-term governor still has a hardcore base, it is small and her supporters are unlikely to make a discernible difference no matter whom they throw their support to.

I wrote just the other day that in the end Palin would betray her base as she betrayed the people of Alaska and not run. After all, she has shown no capacity for growth, let alone be presidential, is incredibly thin skinned and good at only two things: Cynically manipulating everyone who crosses her path and making buckets of money. Perhaps most importantly, she would be unable to stand the scrutiny of her skeleton-filled closet not so much from the lamestream media, as she calls it, as from her opponents and enemies, of which she had made many.

In the end, it turned out that she only fooled the people who wanted to be fooled, including the people devoid of reality who will now say that she would have won if she had run. And no, she will not now run as a third-party candidate..

Her announcement will likely mean the end of her contract with Fox News. Roger Ailes has acknowledged that “I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot,” but she will soon be as cold as those Great Northland winters she has forsaken by moving to Arizona.

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