Friday, October 14, 2011

New Acme Of Meanspiritedness For GOP

Lacking the conviction to wage war on unemployment, Republicans have escalated their war on women with the passage of a House bill that permits hospitals that receive federal funding to turn away women who seek an abortion even if the procedure is necessary to save their lives. Repeat: Even if the procedure is necessary to save their lives.

It's hard to top this for sheer meanspiritedness but the misogynistic Republicans -- who were joined by 11 Democrats in voting unanimously for the bill -- surely will find a way.

The Protect Life (Except In The Case Of The Mother) Bill will likely go down to defeat in the Senate, but in the unlikely event it passes President Obama has said he will veto it.

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Wander Woman said...

Any woman who votes republican should have to face her sisters and explain why. As far as I am concerned, Repubs have always been mean spirited and against women. Hasn't changed nor do I think it will. They pander to women to get their votes, but really would rather they be 'good little wives' and leave the running of the world to the men. Not that I have a strong opinion on this or anything.

I am staying away until I think it might be safe to come back. That may actually be never.