Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On The Semi-Lighter Side of Da Mosque

The conflagration over the Not Ground Zero But Nearby Ground Zero Mosque has not been without its . . . uh, lighter and sensical (as opposed to nonsensical) moments.

A commenter at The Daily Dish writes:
If the World Trade Center site is such a sacred place, then why are we allowing a for-profit office complex to be erected on it? Did we move the USS Arizona because it took up valuable dock space? (Maybe someone will open a coffee shop on the first floor called Hallowed Grounds.) Also, I assume the new complex will have toilets and that they will be used. Talk about disrespectful.
Josh Barro has this to say:
What I find bizarre about some of the conservative response to Cordoba House is not just the objection to the construction of the mosque, but the conviction that it should be stopped by any means necessary—even if that means violating conservative principles about property rights, rule of law, and federalism.
From a tweet by Jason Mustian:
In fairness, we've been building 'ground zeros' near Iraqi mosques since March 2003.
And last but not least, this from
Chris Mohney:
Continuing the chain of imaginary offensiveness to stereotypes, I plan to open a Babies R Us next to the gay bar next to the mosque next to Ground Zero. Next to the Babies R Us I will open a pornographic bookstore, and next to that I will open a police station. Next to the police station I will open a hip-hop recording studio, and next to that I will open an Applebees. Next to the Applebees I will open a TGI Fridays (those guys HATE each other) and next to the TGI Fridays I will open a methodone clinic. Next to the methodone clinic I will open a crack house, and finally, next to that, I will open a Catholic church adjoining a daycare center for attractive boys, adjacent to which i will just blow up whatever’s there so I can erect a memorial, and next to that memorial I will open a community center dedicated to a locally inconvenient ethnicity that I hired to blow up the original structure on the memorial site. Next to that I’m just going to put some condos . . .
Cartoon by Stuart Carlson

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