Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How Do I Stream Netflix To A TV?

I've got a MacBook at one end and a Sony 32-inch Trinitron television wired through a Sony amp/receiver at the other so I can play TV audio through my sound system. What hardware do I need to stream Netflix movies?


Tom Wolper said...

Doing the hookup shouldn't be difficult. What could be difficult is getting the correct cables that will connect to the Mac on one end and the TV on the other. I was in a similar situation at the Apple store last week. I bought an iMac to replace a 3 year old Mac Mini and I told the salesperson I wanted to hook the Mac Mini up to my TV to use as a media server. She had to consult with one of their tech people as my TV is an older analog TV and the monitor hookup on the back of the Mac was of an older generation. Once we figured out which cables were needed doing the actual setup was a snap

My point is that there a slot in the back of your Mac to use an external monitor. You need a cable to hook that up to a video-in hole on the back of your TV and an audio cable to go from the audio-out hole on the Mac to audio-in on the TV. If you can go to an Apple store with the Macbook and the TV's manual or just a drawing of what the input and output holes on the back of the TV look like, they can help you get the right cables.

Shaun Mullen said...

Thank you, sir!

Tn said...

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