Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hard To Feel Pride In Being An American

I would bleed red, white and blue for my country, but these days it's hard to feel pride in being an American.

As for as current events, look no further than
the Not Ground Zero But Nearby Ground Zero Mosque, the draconian Arizona immigration law, the shameful Shirley Sherrod affair, and ongoing wingnuttery over whether the first African-American president is a Muslim, let alone an American. Oh yeah, and terror babies.

As for long-term trends, look no further than the devolution of the Republican Party from being the loyal opposition to being dominated by fruitcakes opposed to everything, the willful destruction of the middle class at the hands of the Wall Street oligarchs, the shameless reemergence of race baiters, and efforts to abolish constitutional fundamentals that inconveniently collide with far right political agendas.

Thoughtful lad that I am, I have been searching for a glimmer of hope -- something or someone -- who can tamp down this epidemic of evil because it spirals totally out of control.

Well, I'm still looking.

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joel hanes said...

Somehow phila finds contents for and posts his Friday Hope Blogging on Bouphonia.

It's a good thing to read when you've got the megrims.